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Tanner & Gates is a bespoke cake studio based in central Sydney providing high quality, great looking & tasting event cakes. Trust us to help make your occasion as special as you’d imagined it would be.


Corporate Logo Cakes

As with all our cakes, our corporate cakes are made with an impressive tasting quality cake, designed to create a real impression that a corporate event demands. Corporate Logo cakes can be made using either edible printing or a cut fondant technique for a more dynamic look. Below is a selection of the cakes we have made using both these methods.
Adidas Logo Cake
Naxos Logo Cake
BBC Logo Cake
Rectangular Corporate Cake
Big Issue Corporate Cake
Lendlease Corporate Cake
Keno Logo Cake
All sorts cut logo cake
Dell Logo Cake
Aussie Homeloans 200th Store
Logo Cake
Logo plus 3D letters Cake
Aged Care Logo Cake
AMP Retirement Cake
Aussie Home Loans Cake
Charles Parsons Logo Cake
Expense Reduction Logo Cake
Finnair Logo Cake
Hermes Box Cake
Schizophrenia Logo Cake
Transport Mutual Logo Cake
Medline Logo Cake
MLC Logo Cake
Hautes Vacances Logo Cake
Woolworths Logo Cake
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TAUCK Logo Cake
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Aboriginal Health Logo Cake
Nokia Logo Cake
Calastone Corporate Cake
Tibra Logo Cake
UNSW CSE Logo Cake
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Moneytech Logo Cake
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NSW Snow Software Logo Cake