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Tanner & Gates is a bespoke cake studio based in central Sydney providing high quality, great looking & tasting event cakes. Trust us to help make your occasion as special as you’d imagined it would be.


Art Deco Cupcakes
Batman Cupcakes
Balloon Cupcakes
Benefit Make-up Cupcakes
Gin Bottles Cupcakes
Chanel Deluxe Cupcakes
Chanel Black & White Cupcakes
Christmas Logo Cupcakes
Logo Cupcakes

Flower Cupcakes
Sports Team Cupcakes
Heart Cupcakes
Hello Kitty Cupcakes
Hen’s Night Cupcakes
Message Cupcakes
Muppet Cupcakes
Murder Cupcakes
Meeper (Muppets) Cupcakes

Pokemon Cupcakes
Pokemon Cupcakes
Quilted Pearl Cupcakes
Sperm Egg & Oven Cupcakes
Star Wars Mixed Designs
Star Wars (Deluxe) Cupcakes
Storm Trooper & Darth Cupcakes
Superhero Cupcakes
Tiger Cupcakes

Wedding Logo Cupcakes
YouTube Logo Cupcakes
Yoda Cupackes
Minnie Mouse Cupcakes
Gold hand-painted Cupcakes
Peppa Pig Cupcakes
Chanel Cupcakes
Emoji Cupcakes
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Harry Potter Cupcakes
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Teenage Mutant Turtle Cupcakes