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Tanner & Gates is a bespoke cake studio based in central Sydney providing high quality, great looking & tasting event cakes. Trust us to help make your occasion as special as you’d imagined it would be.


3-tiered Ribbon & Flowers
3-tiered Magnolias Cake
3-tiered DIY Cake
3-tiered Climber Madhatter Cake
Girls in Love (Hot Pink) Cake
Rattan & Flowers Cake
Rattan DIY Cake
Vintage Orchid (extended tier) Cake
Rattan & Characters 2-tier Cake

Mr & Mrs Madhatter Cake
Lemon 2-tiered Cake
Flower Cascade (extended tier)
Vintage Orchid 2-tier Cake
Wedding Logo Cupcakes
Star Wars Wedding Cake
Chanel Pearl & Logo Cupcakes
Zoo Wedding Cake
Stripes Wedding Cake

Lemon Scribble (extended) Cake
Heart Cupcakes Tower
Wedgwood Flowers 3-tier Cake
2-tier DIY Cake
Dinosaur Madhatter
Dinosaur Wedding Cake
Fishing Madhatter 3-tier Cake
Giant Flower Wedding Cake
Girls in Love 2 Cake (bespoke)

Blue Bow & Suits Wedding Cake
Boys in Love Cake
Gift Box Wedding Cake
Hearts & Buckle Wedding Cake
Aqua Wedding Cake
Jewish Wedding Cake
Rainbow Love Wedding Cake

Boys in Love Cupcake Tower
Big Bow Couples Cake
Feather Boa Cake
Chevron Engagement Cake
Girls in Love (Green)
Boys in Love 2 Cake
Girls in Love (White)
Flamingoes 3-tier Cake
Boys in Love 2 (bespoke)