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Tanner & Gates is a bespoke cake studio based in central Sydney providing high quality, great looking & tasting event cakes. Trust us to help make your occasion as special as you’d imagined it would be.


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VB Can Cake
Queen Mum Cake
Harley Davidson Cake
BB8 2D - Star Wars Cake
Wallabies Rugby Birthday Cake
BB8 3D - Star Wars Cake
Death Star - Star Wars Cake
Champagne Bottle Birthday Cake
Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake
Cookie Monster Cake
Hermes Box Cake
3D Puppy Cake
Kylo Ren - Star Wars Cake
Football 50th Cake
Twins Opera House Cake
Chanel Bag & Rose Cake
Burlesque 21st Cake
Bvlgari Ring Cake

Purple Bow Cake
Bento Box Cake
Artist Paint Box Cake
Ferrari F1 Cake
Empire State Building Cake
Perrier-Jouet Champagne Cake
Tour De France Cake
Tiffany & Co. Box Cake
Super Mario Cake
Gold Shooting Stars Cake
Leopard Print Cake
Day of the Dead Cake
Heels Cake
SLR Camera Cake
I Heart NY Cake
Stars & Tiara Cake
Pirate 70th Cake
Quilted Poppy Cake
Tiffany Box Cake
Theatre Cake
Old Fashioned Record Player Cake

Fighting Yoda - Star Wars Cake
Yoda vs Darth - Star Wars Cake
Silvered Peony Cake
Superman Logo Cake
Wise Yoda - Star Wars Cake
Storm Trooper Helmet (new) - Star Wars Cake
Tennis Racket Cake
Tardis - Dr Who Cake
Swimming Pool Cake

Jewelled Buckle Cake
Tooth & Car Cake
Tool Box Cake
2 Tiered Tuxedo Cake
Tuxedo Cake
3D Turtle Cake
Weight Lifting Cake
Vespa Helmet Cake
VB Bottle Cake

Clone Wars Helmet - Star Wars Cake
Superman Letter Cake
Tiffany Bow Cupcakes
Wonder Woman Boobs Cake
Words with Friends Cake
Wonder Woman Cake
Wine Box Cake
Crate of Grange Wine Cake
White Big Bow Cake

Chanel Logo Cake
Bollinger Champagne Bottle Cake
Anchor Cake
Boobs Cake
21st Flower Cake
Bow & Pearls Cake
Corvette Car Cake
Pink Chanel Bag Cake
Cricket Lover Cake

Gym Cake
Gold 30th Cake
Chanel Bag & Accessories Cake
Soccer Shirt Cake
Flash Logo Super Hero Cake
Fishing Cake
Football Shirt Cake
Flower & Pearls Cake
Fleur De Lis Cake

Kate Spade Handbag Cake
Gangster Cake
French Flag Cake
Panckakes Cake
2-tiered Geometric Cake
Lady Gaga Cake
Multiple Super Heroes Cake
Mop & Bucket Cake
3D Mini Cake

Sporting Colours 50th Cake
Side Bow Cake
Gift Box Stacked Cake
Rubics Cube - in play
Rubies Cake - Square
Rower 18th Cake
Shooting Stars Cake
Irish 21st Cake
Sex and the City Wedding Dress Cake

Stripes Cake
Union Jack Cake
Twins 40th Cake
Pill Bottle Cake
Piano & Ballet Cake
Pac Man Cake
Stripes Cake
Plane Pilot Cake
Police Handcuffs Cake

Singer Silhouette Cake
Plane Pilot Cake
Big Bow cake
L Plate Hen’s Night Cake
Hen’s Night Cupcakes
Hennessy & VB Cake
Hello Kitty Cake
LV Man Bag Cake
Heart Box of Chocolates Cake

Mermaid 40th Cake
40th Pill Cake
Sporting Colours 50th Cake
Racing Car 60th Cake
Pilot Plane Cake - A380
Side Bow Cake
TV Character Cake
Shooting Stars Cake
Sporting Colours 30th Cake

Shooting Stars Cake - Shoes
2-tiered Ribbons & Pearls Cake
Bowls 70th Cake
Side Bow 21st Cake
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s&M 21st Cake
Art Deco 40th Cake
New Home Cake
Side Bow Cake
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2 Tone Jewelled Buckle Cake
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3D Eggs Cake
Dragon Boat Cake
Shooting Stars - Camera Cake
Big Bow - Black & White 50th Cake
Bird Cage Cake
Bollinger Champagne Bottle Cake
DJ Cake
Chanel Bag Cake
Verve Cliquot Champagne Cake

Stack of CDs Cake
Chanel Flowers & Pearls Cake
Angel Birthday Cake
Motor Boat Cake
Death Star Cake - Star Wars
Day of the Dead Birthday Cake
Darth Vader 2D Cake
Darth vs T-Rex Globe Cake
Darth Vader 3D Cake

Sporting Colours Cake - Arsenal
Adidas Logo Cake
Apple Logo Cake
Ace of Spades Champagne Cake
50th Runner Cake
2 Hearts Cake
Aussie vs Brazil Cake
Aussie Cake
Aussie Flag Cake - Pink

Plane Pilot Birthday Cake
Initials Birthday Cake
Apron Birthday Cake
Batman Logo Cake (border)
Batman Face Cake
Batman Car Cake
Lady Gaga 40th Cake
40th Starfish Cake
Desert Island Cake

Cup of Coffee Cake
Ken Doll Cake
Coat Hanger Cake
Basket of Drinks Cake
Cruise Ship 50th Cake
Crossword Cake
Bond Ambition Madonna Cake
Hot Pink Madhatter Cake
Mouth 21st Cake

Playboy Cake
Lego Birthday Cake
Leather Buckle Cake
Jordan Shoe Box Cake
Hero Cake
Irish Flag Cake
Darleks in Wonderland Cake
Turntable Cake
Dali Birthday Cake
Darth vs Chewbacca Cake
Tardis in space Cake
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Tuxedo 40th Cake - Gold number
Rugby 50th Cake
Roman Helmet Cake
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Casino Cake

Apple 40th Cake
Dart Board Cake
Lego Engagement Cake
Paddle Board Cake
Designer Bags Cake
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Cruise Ship Cake
Singer Cake
3D Pineapple Cake