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Tanner & Gates is a bespoke cake studio based in central Sydney providing high quality, great looking & tasting event cakes. Trust us to help make your occasion as special as you’d imagined it would be.


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Our star performers (most popular cakes)

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Hello. Here’s what we do.

We simply take your ideas and turn them into beautiful cakes. For those that need a little more help with a design - no problem. For those that already have set ideas - no problem. We make suggestions and explain the rules of physics when it comes to cake but apart from that there are no rules. Everyone is welcome. Ordering and payment is made simple. Browse. Give us a call or drop us a line by email and we can take it from there.

For those returning to our new branding and website design. We are the same team as before - just with a shiny new way to show all of our past work.
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Trust us to help make your occasion as special as you’d imagined it !

We know that our cakes form the centrepiece for many a celebration and are usually chosen after lots of thought and consideration. We have also seen the horror stories where the cake decorator has let someone down badly. We make cakes because we have a passion for good design, great taste and the excitement that a cake can bring. Behind every cake is years of experience and a number of steps to make sure we don’t disappoint:
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Quality Ingredients

From cake recipes to chocolate to support structures - nothing is bought which compromises on look or taste.
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Clear Communication

We’re clear, honest & easy to deal with. We don’t over-promise. A detailed agreement is created for all orders.
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We invite feedback

We follow-up orders to see how things went from the delivery to the design to the taste. We care how things go.